We are a team of experienced Real Estate Professionals that have thousands of closings on both the listing and the buying side. We have innovated the way Real Estate is done so it is much easier on the client. Our motto is: “Real Estate Made Simple.”  We have programs in place that will sell your home much faster than a traditional Realtor would and also have a large pool of qualified buyers leasing our properties that are looking for their next purchase. Collectively, we are one of the top movers in transactions in Nevada and we embraced the path of technology to coincide the two industries seamlessly. We had a vision to give buyers more control on what they are truly searching for rather than what a realtor “finds” them. Sellers now have options on how they would want to sell their home rather than just stick a sign in the yard and list the home. Finally, we want you to succeed as well; giving you plenty of advising to result in profits for your investments as well. Reach out to us and learn more about the Motion Experience and why we strive to be the best to take on your Real Estate situation!